Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Advisory to PPP Units, Governments, banks and institutions

PPP Knowledge Hub may mobilize upon demand short term experts to advise primarily PPP Units and Governments but also banks and institutions on a range of issues such as:

• Evaluation of legal and institutional framework;
• Evaluation of PPP program compliance with SDGs and recommendations; and.
• PPP fund development


Current problems and distinctive features of the structuring and implementation of PPP projects are in the fields of transportation, housing utilities, engineering infrastructure, public health, education, etc.;
• Risk management in PPP projects;
• Financial structure of PPP projects;
• Organization of PPP tenders;
• Analysis of the key conditions of PPP agreements and other project documents;
• Strategies ofPPP projects development in the Afghanistan and regions;
• Institutional environment of People first in PPPs at the national and international levels;
• Unification of PPP legal rules in the context of international law; and.
• Creating economic and regulatory mechanisms for adapting the best PPP practices in Afghanistan;